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Welcome to WonderWorxs

The Internet is evolving, and in order to compete businesses can no longer hide from stating their presence on the world wide web. Since its inception in 2006, Wonderworxs Web Development and Search Engine Optimizer company, head quartered in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, strives to create quality websites that meet the standards of the W3C, and websites that incorporates the essential requirement of accessibility, usability and techniques of page optimization for the search engines (SEO).

Our basic web design and development framework is utilizing our understanding of  search engine optimization (SEO), combined with our experience in  making websites with a solid web architecture and usability including traffic reach, conversions and retention to create successful websites for business in Bali and beyond. Many companies develop websites that are high in prices but does not meet the required specs for the website to be search engine optimized, accessible and most importantly usable and many understands how to develop simple up to complex websites, but not many understanding the science and framework to develop a successful website, and to find web developers that understand the basic science of web development is what businesses should be seeking.

Our clients ranges from business needing a new website to be developed and optimized to those who already owns websites and came to us with problems. We had several clients who came to us to consult why they were not getting the conversion/inquiries even though their website was high on the SERPS (search engine result pages). After analyzing we saw the website lacks the needed interface design, usability and conversions framework to push those user traffic into a successful conversion. Another classic case we experience involves clients coming to us with their website that had an architecture/structure, similar and most of the content the same as other websites that are found on the net (clearly in this case the site was just mirrored by their previous webmaster). This poses difficulties with several things mainly ranking well on the search engines. 

Cases like the above are classic cases of the web and the only way to avoid having similar problems is to do things right from the start and without taking any short cuts, and with the help of people who understands the science behind the development of usable website and search engine optimization.
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